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"Lance Hooton's vast knowledge of training for power and speed will allow you to push your body farther than you ever dreamed it could go."
-- Donovan Bailey
Olympic Track & Field Gold Medalist and World-Record Holder

"Training with Coach Hooton has been instrumental to my success in the NFL. He helped me reach a higher level that I didn't know existed."
-- Marcus Wilkins
Green Bay Packers

"Before working with Coach Hooton I held the idea that I was a strong athlete and that my training regimen was effective. But since I started working with Lance I realized that I had just started to scratch the surface of my training potential both physically and mentally. With his help I am stronger and faster than I have ever been and other long jumpers on the professional track and field circuit have noticed."
-- Jackie Edwards
Olympic Track & Field Finalist

"Training with Lance Hooton opened up my mind to a vast horizon and enabled me to see my strength potential. The confidence and conditioning I gained from working with Lance carried me through an Olympic final and World Championship bronze medal."
-- Dudley Dorival
World Championship Track & Field Bronze Medalist

"Training with Coach Hooton has helped me get stronger and faster, and I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life. Coach Hooton really has helped my development as a baseball player, especially in terms of flexibility and recovery."
-- Brent Clevlen
2002 Second-Round Draft Pick, Detroit Tigers